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What is Konfigurator?

Online – Virtual tool which works for you!

Konfigurator is a web sale tool enabling your customers to create products and is always at their disposal.
As the buyers can see the created product, their interest in detailed information grows which increases your sale.

  • stimulates sale;
  • saves your time and money;
  • less complaints and rejected orders;
  • happy customers.


The Konfigurator is set on your website and inquiries with a detailed specification will be sent directly to your email address.



Who is it meant for?

It is meant for manufacturers and sellers who want to bring their products closer to their customers and unobtrusively helps the customers create and choose the most appropriate product.

  • companies that want to bring their products closer to their customers;
  • companies that care for their customers and want to make their purchase decision easier;
  • companies that want to increase the sale, the recognisability of their products;
  • companies that want to responsive, quick and effective to customers’ inquiries;
  • companies that are aware of importance of web presence;
  • companies that cannot afford or do not want to spend big money on catalogues and brochures;
  • companies that know what they want to achieve.



What does a Konfigurator offer, what do I get from it?

This modern tempo of life does not let users enough time to choose or to visit show rooms and to go through a long process of determination of details for the product they want. The Konfigurator web tool is always an open “office” where customers can create their own dream doors, windows or any other products according to their wishes and they send the inquiry to you. This makes the whole process shorter, easier and cheaper for both sides. 

The Konfigurator helps you get more customers, contacts. It does not limit you in space or in time – it works fast and on all devices. You get direct inquiries of your customers with detailed specification to your email which shortens the response time and makes the inquiry clearer. You can present your products anytime and anywhere, increase sale and have advantage over your competition.



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